Meet Amy

When I was 42, I lost all my hair, including my eyebrows, eyelashes and all over my body.  Western medicine calls it alopecia universalis and I was prescribed massive steroids. I knew intuitively it was not the answer to my condition so a friend suggested I try acupuncture.   

While acupuncture didn’t cure me either, my stress level decreased, some of my hair began to grow and my mood greatly improved and led me to change my career.  The gift of this trauma is greater sensitivity and empathy for my patients experiencing health crises.

Hello, I’m Dr. Amy Podhurst,

I am a doctor of acupuncture, licensed in New York and Massachusetts, and practice in Huntington Station, New York.  

After working in Western medicine for two decades, I realized that I wanted to help people heal more holistically.      

Becoming licensed in Eastern medicine through acupuncture has given me the ability to treat the root cause of my clients’ ailments, instead of simply treating their symptoms. Returning power to the patient makes sense to me.   

In Western medicine if someone has back pain (for example), a doctor will typically prescribe him or her medication to treat the pain. Eastern medicine looks at why someone has back pain and focuses on treating the root cause of the pain.  

The sick body knows how to heal itself naturally, but has gotten thrown off track for some reason. Whether from physical trauma, intense emotions, or an outside force (such as the weather).  

I’m not claiming that I can cure anyone. Instead, I believe that the patient’s body heals itself and I act as a facilitator in that healing.  

Our bodies want to be in homeostasis. They crave balance. Acupuncture encourages the body back into natural balance. I love when someone receives treatment from me for one problem and finds that other ailments disappear naturally at the same time.  

Let’s work together to restore balance in your body through acupuncture. Contact me for an appointment today.